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ohrenhoch is NOCTURNAL no.2

ohrenhoch ist NACHTAKTIV no.2

ohrenhoch-Kids present:

ohrenhoch is NOCTURNAL no.2

Sound-space installation by the ohrenhoch-Kids and the ohrenhoch-Youngsters

The night in a quiet place puts the sounds in phantastic - spooky moments and enchants our senses, a scurrying mouse throws us in another sphere, so to speak.

Saturday 5 November 2011, 6pm - 11pm during the festival NachtundNebel
ohrenhoch-Sundays 6 and 13 November 2011, 2pm - 9pm

We are happy to present you and to all interested people, the fans and sponsors of the ohrenhoch-Kids the old but extended production "ohrenhoch is NOCTURNAL no.2".

The ohrenhoch-Kids present in several rooms the space-sound-installation created by themselves, and will accompany the small and big hearers through a dark labyrinth of sounds with their pocket flashlights.

Fabulous Labyrinth of Sounds

The audience will be guided and accompanied by the ohrenhoch-Kids to the labyrinth of sounds with their pocket flashlights. The tour starts with the transit through a black curtain, and immediately a wooden staircase leads to the dark rooms in the basement, where important spots are marked with phosphorescent tape.

In the ohrenhoch basement the ohrenhoch-Kids install their sound compositions with mp3 players and small active stereo loudspeakers placed in different corners and holes in the wall.

"ohrenhoch is NOCTURNAL" was presented for the first time on November 7, 8 and 15, 2009: see detailed description (in German):

For the festival NachtundNebel, NACHTAKTIV no.2 was completed with brand new sounds and extended in particular with ingredients by the ohrenhoch-Youngsters.