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ohrenhoch-Kids 'unerhört' | Photo: Knut Remond

ohrenhoch the Noise Shop presents at the Art Festival 48 Stunden Neukölln 2015 (Festival theme „S.O.S. - Art saves the Worls"):


by the ohrenhoch-Kids 

Friday  26 June 7pm - 11pm 
Saturday  27 June 2pm - 11pm 
Sunday 28 June 2pm - 7pm
and on the ohrenhoch Sunday
Sunday   5 July 2pm - 9pm 

A patchwork of field recordings, interviews, sound installations, performance and sound actions. The ohrenhoch-Kids search for the unheard, dealing with domination, war and ecology, and through actively communicating and taking part in the social discourse.

ohrenhoch-Kids since 2008
The sound gallery 'ohrenhoch - the Noise Shop' was opened along with the ohrenhoch School in 2008. In the ohrenhoch School the ohrenhoch-Kids, age 5 to 13, learn, research and experiment. Starting from their own ideas they realise acoustic projects on fixed media with electroacoustic/acousmatic compositions, performance, field recordings and sound installations. The pedagogical basis is to meet the children at equal eye level and as fully-fledged members of the society. Director and mentor of the ohrenhoch-Kids is Knut Remond, artistic director of 'ohrenhoch - the Noise Shop'. The ohrenhoch-Kids appear on the same platform as the international sound artists whose works are presented in the sound gallery every Sunday.

Idea, creation, performances:  Chiara, Elias, Tarek, Yuri, Elsa, Jacob, Aila, Manuel, Alma, Minze.
Director: Knut Remond  

The ohrenhoch-Kids have debated in diverse topic areas about destruction and exploitation of the globalised world, and realised different projects with the acoustic possibilities. The ideas that emerged are activist, courageous but also witty and forward-looking, and have one thing in common: The conviction that every individual can bring into action his/her individual possibilities in order to stand up in his/her environment and in the society for a better and solidary, more imaginative world.

The world or the media informations not only consist of pictures and texts but also of acoustic things. 'ohrenhoch' and the ohrenhoch School are based on hearing, and try to free the acoustic or the definition of music from its tight limits. Tones and sounds aren't only contained in so-called musical things. It's about a democratisation, to dissolve the hierarchies in music, in life, in our everyday lives. The variety of the acoustic is mirrored, transformed and contrasted by the ohrenhoch-Kids on different levels in an interdisciplinary context, to better understand the world and be more active and critical for oneself and for others. 

Sound activism
"unerhört" evolved from the question of "sound activism" in particular, which is the leitmotiv of the sound gallery ohrenhoch in 2015, reflected and presented from different perspectives by the sound artists and composers.  

S.O.S. - art saves the world
The ohrenhoch-Kids focus on our ears, that is on the acoustic possibilities, to take an active and critical part in questioning the condition of the present world order. The ohrenhoch-Kids produced different projects for S.O.S. to sensitise people and to make them aware of the art of the acoustic, in an independent, critical and lively discourse. They also want to point out that every single person with his/her hearing and senses in general can change something and take part actively, each one with his/her individual creative possibilities.   

"unerhört" consists of 7 different projects which are presented by the ohrenhoch-Kids for 48 Stunden Neukölln:  

„Mitten auf der Strasse" „In the Middle of the Street" (in Neukölln) 
is a loop piece heard in the gallery space on the fixed ohrenhoch loudspeaker installation. It is made of sound interviews with pedestrians in the streets of Neukölln. The ohrenhoch-Kids with their recorder asked adults and children to make a sound with their voice so that they could record it. They collected tiny little recordings which at the end they put together compositionally into a loop piece. 

„Bewegungs-Mitmach-Kopfhörer“ „Movement-experience-headphones“
Also in the gallery space, on the shelves there are "acoustic cups", made of prepared throwaway coffee cups which you can hold to your ears, and cause sound experiences by tapping, scratching, scraping and rubbing.  

„Bundes-WEHR?“ (Performance)
In the gallery space spontaneously (without time specification, repeatedly over the 48 hours) a performance takes place based on a video advertising of the Federal Armed Forces in 2013. The original title of the video advertising is: "Career with a future".  

„Werft die Fahnen fort“
is a (music) performance based on texts by Kurt Tucholsky. The performances take place repeatedly over the 48 hours, without time specification. 

„Bundes-WEHR?“ (Feature)
A feature by Tarek, Yuri and Knut. With interviews conducted by Tarek and Yuri.In the ohrenhoch archive 'the potato' the piece „Bundes-WEHR?“ is presented on headphones. It is made of smartphone recordings of questionings of different people about war, the Federal Armed Forces and the politics of the Federal Government. With the collected interviews and the sound processings of Tarek and Yuri, Knut created a composition, a so-called feature.  

is an electroacoustic (acousmatic) composition, made of field recordings from Singapore. With his family Jacob spent a year in Singapore. He was given a recorder from ohrenhoch to take with him. In Singapore he made different recordings of insects, which he later in Berlin at ohrenhoch processed with Manuel into a special sound composition. For S.O.S. "Singapore" is presented in a specially prepared audio booth. 

„No Future“
„No Future“ is an electroacoustic (acousmatic) composition by Chiara. It takes place on the fixed loudspeaker installation Bassbox in the cellar spaces. "No Future" is about the destruction of the rainforest.

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