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"ohrenhoch - the Noise Shop" is nominated for the Junge Ohren Preis 2011 LabOhr with SoundCake.


Special award "Young Listening" by netzwerk junge ohren and the Strecker foundation, for the Soundpuzzle Installation "Earthworm City & Mole Garden" by the ohrenhoch-Kids and Knut Remond.

From the jury's words on the special award "Young Listening":

Although the buildings of the Earthworm City are real and common things, as for example the police station or the town hall, the process of the 'ohrenhoch-Kids' in "Earthworm City" feature many visionary levels being realised by them independently within their creative work, carefully guided by the sound artist and composer Knut Remond.


1st prize "Music and Media" by netzwerk junge ohren and State Institute for Media NRW, for the Noise Box sound installation "NIGHTDRIPSDRAGON" by the ohrenhoch-Kids and Knut Remond.

The jury's explanatory statement about the 1st place prize:

An impressive workshop that raises great awareness for sounds and noises that dares fanciful concrete representation in an extremely subtle electro-acoustic music scene. The results of the workshop radiate an impressive aesthetic power.