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Superfrösche und Kröten Music

ohrenhoch-Kids present

on Saturday 3rd November 2012, 5pm - 11pm

at the festival NachtundNebel,

an on the ohrenhoch Sundays ?4th and 11th November, 2pm - 9pm:

Superfrogs and Toad Music

An enchanting magic space-sound-installation by the ohrenhoch-Kids at 'ohrenhoch, the Noise Shop'
in cooperation with Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Real and invented frogs and toad calls, as an extraordinary sound event by the ohrenhoch-Kids.
In the basement at ohrenhoch, there are mp3 players with small active boxes arranged in the niches, so the visitors move into a magic audio universe - the new sound-space installation by the ohrenhoch-Kids. 
Discovering and inventing nature - thereby new Utopias arise

Like all of their projects, it is an invention and realization by the ohrenhoch-Kids themselves, in cooperation with the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

Superfrogs and Toad Music is a mixture of sounds or calls of real, living frogs and toads, and invented sound creations.

The variety of amphibian calls

The ohrenhoch-Kids could listen to the real frogs and toads at the 'animal sound archive' at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, and made a choice to take with them for their project. At the animal sound archive they discovered a choice of frogs and toads from different continents, among them also from Europe.

The self-invented sound creatures by the ohrenhoch-Kids

The invented frogs and toads were recorded on the computer directly from different sound materials, and further processed. Sketches were drawn as a brainstorming, but there was born also a variety of lively frogs and toads through sound experiments. The invented frogs and toads have names, as Spiegelfrosch, Döner Frosch, Neuköllnikröte, blubb-it Kröte. These are electro-acoustic mini-compositions by the ohrenhoch-Kids, with which they made mixtures in different sequences with so-called real toads and frogs.

These mini-compositions combined with real frogs or toads from the animal sound archive - as European toad, clawed frog, midwife toad, moor frog - are played back by mp3 players in loop mode, placed in diverse niches in the basement, as a space-sound installation for the visitors by the ohrenhoch-Kids. 

The ohrenhoch School for Sound Art and Mixed Media for children from 7 to 14 years is free for everybody. Still younger kids may participate as ohrenhoch-Kids Youngsters. 

Art Director: Knut Remond



Leitung: Knut Remond