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SCHATTENLEBEN | ohrenhoch_Rumori-Kids | Knut Remond

ohrenhoch presents at Kunstfestival 48 Stunden Neukölln:


a project by the ohrenhoch-Rumori_Kids
for 48 Stunden Neukölln to the theme „Shadows“
'ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen' Berlin-Neukölln
Concept, director: Knut Remond

Opening hours:
At the Kunstfestival 48 Stunden Neukölln:
Friday 23 June: 7pm - 11pm
Saturday 24 June: 2pm - 10pm
Sunday 25 June: 2pm - 7pm

On the following 'ohrenhoch Sundays':
Sunday 2 July: 2pm - 9pm

Sunday 9 July: 2pm - 9pm

The ohrenhoch-Rumori_Kids will be filming with a smartphone the shadows of people at the playground Weichselpark, and ask them questions. Their real appearance is not filmed. The voice is confronted with the shadow and vice versa, and the camera is transmitted by livestream to a screen at the Soundgallery ohrenhoch. At the same time you can see and hear the livestream on SHADOW LIFE is moving image in context with audio and field recording.

According to the situation - depending on the weather or technical incidents - you will see and hear a compilation of the SHADOW LIFE Video sessions of the ohrenhoch_Rumori-Kids.
The ohrenhoch_Rumori-Kids are a group, an ensemble. They have most different cultural backgrounds. With the ohrenhoch_Rumori-Kids there are also refugee children; they accomplished admirable contributions for the project SHADOW LIFE.

The risk of SHADOW LIFE is, that the sun has to shine. In this sense, SHADOW LIFE is an adventure.

Is beauty possibly residing in darkness?
Does the light-flooded, dazzling, shiny obscure the individuality, the unspectacular, the mysterious, the humorous?
Observing of the intermediate.
The permanently changing interplay of contingencies: the perceivable as the texture that connects individuals, cultures and things.

The sun as starting point of light and shadow, transferred to technology.
Lucky Luke claims that he is shooting faster than his own shadow.
Do we understand the world better through technology or rather is the western culture thinkable without technology?

The theme of SHADOW LIFE is intertwined with 'Soundactivism017 - Positioning' by ohrenhoch.
The paragraph about the ohrenhoch_Rumori-Kids in 'Soundactivism017':

Hearing, the voice, the language, participation are central instruments for a so-called (socialist) democratic togetherness.
Knowledge Language Exchange Art
Reciprocity / unsettlement / negotiation
Media competence (interviews and songs)
Do the voices or questions fade away unheard?

Die ohrenhoch-Rumori_Kids are a mixed group of children between 5 and 14 years dealing and experimenting with hearing, listening, and consequent phenomena.
In the weekly Audio School, the ohrenhoch-Kids learn, research and experiment.
Starting from their own ideas they realise their projects with noises and sounds, on fixed media and with sound installations. The pedagogical basis is to meet the children at equal eye level and as fully-fledged members of the society.

Knut Remond
Composer, performer, multimedia artist. Founder, artistic director and curator of the soundgallery 'ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen' in Berlin-Neukölln – an electronic and electroacoustic music presentation form, in combination with a sound-architectural space concept. Founder, director and mentor of the 'ohrenhoch-Kids' – school or research center for electroacoustic music and sound installation for children from 5 to 14 years.

Recording of the ohrenhoch-Late-Night Radio Show 'Ohrfeigen #8' (06/20/2017) with the guest Martin Steffens, festival director 48 Stunden Neukölln:
Radio Late Night Show 'Ohrfeigen #8'

Cooperation partners:
48 Stunden Neukölln

Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln
Erstaufnahme Groß-Berliner Damm

Musikhaus Thomann

serve-u Technical Support

The 'ohrenhoch Sundays' are supported by:
initiative neue musik berlin e.V.

Konzert des Deutschen Musikrates