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Plusatirus, Marsusalirus, Saturnalirus & Jupiterlirus

Plusatirus, Marsusalirus, Saturnalirus & Jupiterlirus

a Sound Story Installation?by the ohrenhoch-Kids

Artistic director: Knut Remond

Friday 15 June, 7 pm till 10 pm
Saturday 16 June, 2 pm till 10 pm
Sunday 17 June, 2 pm till 7 pm

and at the ohrenhoch Sundays

24 June, 1 and 8 July 2012, 2 pm till 9 pm

A walk-in installation with 4 everyday devices is playing four different Sound Stories - namely you hear the spectacular adventures of Plusatirus, Marsusalirus, Saturnalirus & Jupiterlirus. They sound from a portable radio, a vacuum cleaner, a television set, and a toaster.

For curious reasons, the four tiny creatures Plusatirus, Marsusalirus, Saturnalirus & Jupiterlirus fall from their homeplanets down on planet earth.Plusatirus lands in the Bavarian Alps on an Alpine salamander.Marsusalirus plops into the Landwehrkanal in Neukoelln.Saturnalirus falls into a Pizzeria in Turku (Finland) named Fc Kebab.Jupiterlirus plunges down on a cross-walk on Sonnenallee in Neukoelln.
The story of the four heroes is told not in words as usually, but in sounds and noises - in an installation with four everyday devices, at 'ohrenhoch, the Noise Shop'.

The project is an electroacoustic Sound Story, arranged and composed with studio recordings and ‘real‘ (field) recordings. The four creatures and their environment were composed with this mixture, with sounds and noises. The four tiny creatures in four different regions at the same time set off for an adventurous experimental expedition.

The ohrenhoch-Kids have created 4 booklets of the 4 creatures including the CD with the Sound Story. It's a limited, beautiful edition, available at ohrenhoch.

Supported and sponsored by: Kulturamt Neukölln, Musikhaus Thomann, Modulor,  ZOOM, Dave Smith Instruments. The 'ohrenhoch Sundays' are supported by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V. and Konzert des Deutschen Musikrates.

Special thanks to Georg Morawietz and Martin Schied for the technical work.

Art Director: Knut Remond





Plusatirus (Part2)




Marsusalirus (Part1)




Saturnalirus (Part3)




Jupiterlirus (Part4)