• why is why
    why is why
    Sonntag 6. und 13. September 2015, 14 - 21 Uhr
  • Soundactivism 2015
    Soundactivism 2015
    at ohrenhoch in 2015 the platform "soundactivism" will be installed!
    im ohrenhoch wird 2015 die plattform "soundactivism" installiert! 
  • LIVE
    Anna Stereopoulou 28.February 7 pm
  • soundactivism
    Sunday 3 and 10 January
    2pm - 9pm
  • Matthias Kranebitter survival of the fittest
    Matthias Kranebitter survival of the fittest
    Sonntag: 30 November und 7 Dezember 2014
  • Trinity
    4 u.11 März 14:00-21:00 Uhr
  • Fieldrecording
    Sunday 27 July and 3 August 2pm-9pm 2014
  • Sound and Booklets
    Sound and Booklets
    Every Sunday 2pm-9pm
  •  Schiff 014
    Schiff 014
    Sunday 7 and 14
    September 2014
  • soundactivism 017
    soundactivism 017
    Sundays: 19 and 26 November, 3 and 10 December 2017, 14:00 - 21:00 hrs
  • Sunday 17 and 24 February 2013
    Sunday 17 and 24 February 2013
  • Sound installation Christine Gedeon
    Sound installation Christine Gedeon
    Sunday 1 and 8 February 2 pm-9 pm
  • Baby-Nachttropfendrache
    Nur für kurze Zeit: Sparen Sie ganze 15%!
    Geben Sie hierfür folgenden Gutschein-Code bei der Bestellung ein: save15now
  • soundactivism
    Sunday 28 August and 4 September 2016
    2pm - 9pm (repeat)
  • soundactivism
    Sunday 15 November 2015
    2pm - 9pm
  • 3,4 and 11 November
    3,4 and 11 November
  • +
    Sound Objekte Sonntag 18. März 2012, 14 - 21 Uhr:
  • echoic memory
    echoic memory
    Martyna Pozna?ska
    Sunday 17 and 24 and 1 December 2013,
    2pm - 9pm
    Sunday 1 and 8 june 2pm-9pm
  • Sunday
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The main platform of the ohrenhoch workshops is for children and young teenagers of age 5-14.

Maximum 5 participants are in one group.

Workshops mixed by age and for children together with adults are also possible
In this constellation the participants already know each other.
This offer is for families, friends, or school classes.

A workshop comprises 4 days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Time: 10am – 5pm
Price: to be agreed

Workshops during school holidays

The workshops during the holidays are in spring, summer and autumn.
For children of age 5-14
Duration: Monday – Friday (5 days)
Time: 10am – 5pm
During SPRING HOLIDAYS: 18 – 30 April 2011
During SUMMER HOLIDAYS: 29 June – 12 August 2011
During AUTUMN HOLIDAYS: 4 – 14 October 2011
Price: 120.– €

Themes and course of a workshop for children and young teenagers

  1. An equipment of acoustic and analogue electronic devices is prepared. Microphones, mixing desk, tape recorder, turntable, sampler, synthesizer and different simple effects devices.
  2. By trying out and playing with the devices and with voices, unusual and exciting things are produced from the sounds and noises with a theme, practice-oriented, with lots of fun and with concentration.
    The workshops for children and young teenagers are specially conceived and in large parts result from the experiences and approach of the ohrenhoch school with the ohrenhoch-Kids. The music or art school "ohrenhoch-Kids" is a success story, and they have been awarded two times already since 2008.

The participants may take home the recording/soundfile on CD or the sound object, at the end of the workshop.


Sometimes the workshops are documented with camera or video camera.
It is self-evident that participants who don't want this, will not be photographed or filmed.
The participants care themselves for their food at break.
There is a bowl with fruits, and mineral water in 'ohrenhoch' during the breaks.