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ohrenhochland in the children's room

The ohrenhoch-Kids and -Youngsters celebrate their 5 year jubilee
At the 15th art festival '48 Stunden Neukölln' (with the festival subject 'change of perspective')they present:

ohrenhochland in the children's room

Past and future are conglomerated anew.

 The visitors are shown round "ohrenhochland in the children's room" by the ohrenhoch-Kids, hiking through a spirited and witty visual and audio labyrinth of ideas.

'ohrenhochland in the children's room' is a set of the sound compositions, sound installations and sound objects created by the ohrenhoch-Kids and -Youngsters since 2008. It is a retrospective with the most diverse perspective listening and vision experiences.

Additionally, the video creations by the ohrenhoch-Kids on the subject 'change of perspective' are presented on a luxuriant screen.
The video consisting of different short video creations is made by the ohrenhoch-Kids also as an advertising so to say, for future ohrenhoch-Kids who want to participate.

In 'ohrenhochland in the children's room' the ohrenhoch-Kids experimented with the most diverse perspective levels: big, dense, loud, quiet, quality of life, imagination, change, present and future.

"We must use our art so that it changes our lives." John Cage

"ohrenhochland in the children's room" is made especially as a hearing choreographic sound installation for 48 Stunden Neukölln, with different mini sound objects and sound pieces, which can be controlled with an electronic breadbox by the ohrenhoch-Kids. The visitors scuttle or slide through this fine sound thicket together with the ohrenhoch-Kids, an adventurous journey through sound creations or compositions piling up across ohrenhochland in the children's room.The sound lights by the ohrenhoch-Kids Youngsters belong to it, too.

At the same time, the sound-space installation "U7" (by the ohrenhoch-Kids 2010) is newly presented. On the 'Berliner Fenster' you see the video "Sammelsurium" by Knut Remond and the ohrenhoch-Kids 2010.

"ohrenhoch is a school in which research is made but without knowing the result."

The ohrenhoch-Kids live in Neukölln, and some of them experienced the presentations of the former ohrenhoch-Kids in the soundgallery, at 'Frühlingserwachen', '48 hours Neukölln' and 'NachtundNebel'. The school for electroacoustic music, field recordings and sound installations is voluntary for the children.The ohrenhoch-Kids are between 5 and 14 years old.At this point I want to note that the ohrenhoch-Kids work with great commitment, utopia, humour and with positive provocation, and with concrete alternatives for children and for adults, and I also say that the ohrenhoch-Kids vitally contributed to form 'ohrenhoch - the Noise Shop' during these five years.

"Everything is art, art is everything." ?Allan Kaprow

Knut Remond?
Art director

ohrenhoch-Kids since 2008: Ferdinand, Clara, Louis, Paul, Clara G, Chiara, Marcel, Tarek, Rosa, Yuri, Jade, Lionel.
ohrenhoch-Kids Youngsters: Mira, Luca, Jacob, Samuel, Kyra, Aila, Minze, Elsa.

List of works:
The names and dates (chronologically) of the single sound objects and sound pieces in "ohrenhochland in the children's room":
- Sound pieces: "Die Reise durch die elektrischen Geräuschgalaxien" 2008, "Nachtaktiv" 2009, "Nachtaktiv No.2" 2011, "Plusatirus, Marsusalirus, Saturnalirus und Jupiterlirus" 2012  Soundmix for ohrenhochland in the children's room 2012/13, "Superfrösche und Kröten Music" 2012
- Sound objects: "NACHTTROPFENDRACHE" 2008 (1. prize award 'Musik und Medien' junge-ohren-preis ), "Regenwurmstadt und Maulwurfgarten" 2009 (Special award 'Junges Hören' junge-ohren-preis), "Tontorte, TonKohl, TonBanane, TonApfel, U7" (Soundmap 650 Jahre Neukölln) 2010, "Baby Fun" (ohrenhoch-Kids Youngsters) 2012.
- Video "Sammelsurium" Video by Knut Remond with the ohrenhoch-Kids 2010.

'ohrenhochland in the children's room' at 48 Stunden Neukölln 2013:?
Friday  14 June 7pm - 11pm
Saturday  15 June 2pm - 10pm
Sunday 16 June 2pm - 7pm

and at the 'ohrenhoch Sundays':
Sundays 23 and 30 June, 2pm - 9pm

Important guidelines to the presentation of 'ohrenhochland in the children's room' by and with ohrenhoch-Kids and ohrenhoch-Kids Youngsters:

1. Through a wireless microphone, placed in different positions in the course of the 48 Stunden Neukölln, the 'ohrenhochland in the children's room' is relayed from the basement to the loudspeaker installation in the soundgallery (shopwindow space).
2. The visitors are requested to move carefully, attentively and with concentration through 'ohrenhochland in the children's room', and to make sure not to step on the sound objects and not to touch them.

3. There are special ear-trumpets, which you may use to percieve the sound objects in an impressive way and from a different perspective.

4. The ohrenhoch-Kids don't want the visitors to take photos or make videos of them.

ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen
ohrenhoch - the Noise Shop

In the Audio School, the ohrenhoch-Kids learn, research and experiment. Starting from their own ideas they realise their projects with noises and sounds, on fixed media and with sound installations. The pedagogical basis is to meet the children at equal eye level and as fully-fledged members of the society.

Knut Remond
Founder, mentor and curator of the sound gallery 'ohrenhoch - the Noise Shop', and motor for the school 'ohrenhoch-Kids' and 'ohrenhoch-Kids Youngsters' for sound installation and mixed media.

Special thanks to the technicians Eckhard Roth, Georg Morawietz, Martin Schied for the great collaboration.

'ohrenhochland in the children's room' is supported by the Fachbereich Kultur des Bezirksamts Neukölln von Berlin. Sponsors: Musikhaus Thomann, Roland, ZOOM, serve-u Technical Support, Dave Smith Instruments, Electro-Harmonix. The ohrenhoch Sundays 2013 are supported by the Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V. and Konzert des Deutschen Musikrates